Hybrid Strategies first to call shared workplace home in Maumelle – Daily Record

Hybrid Strategies - Jolt Office Hub

Hybrid Strategies first to call shared workplace home in Maumelle – Daily Record

March 12-18, 2018

By Becca Bona

Joshua Ang Price has lived in the Natural State his entire life, so, when the time came to focus full-time on his business, he naturally called Arkansas home.

“This is really funny, it comes full circle,” he said, from the conference room of Jolt Office Hub – the newly-opened shared workspace in Maumelle. “I used to work at the space next door a long, long time ago, when it was an American Taekwondo Association,” he laughed, “I was their marketing director.”

Price studied sociology at the University of Central Arkansas with minors in public administration and political science. His people skills always had a way of directing him towards PR and marketing, and while he worked in the private sector and with various agencies, his true passion lies in the blogging and brand promotion he’s managed on the side.

He’s created a well-known persona – the Hybrid Gent – on Instagram, for various local publications including Inviting Arkansas, and through his personal blog and website.

For his current venture, he decided to keep that presence and infuse it into his new one-stop marketing shop – Hybrid Strategies.

“The kind of services that I provide in my company are PR and branding, but there’s more of an emphasis on digital and social. It’s a multichannel approach […] we’re talking about the whole package,” he explained.

Price’s overall approach is based largely on consumer behavior.

“I firmly believe that consumers these days – they want to digest information through multiple channels. Some people like video, some do audio, some like to read, some want a newsletter, and you have to do all those things and touch all those different points. When I say multichannel – that’s what I mean for my business,” he continued.

In the past, Price has worked with many small local businesses including Face Your Day Salon and Cocoa Belle Chocolates. He also, however, enjoys working with nonprofits as well as community development projects.

Price thinks in long term strategies – in fact – it drives his approach.

“A big part of what I’m passionate about is economic and community development,” he explained, “So I want to support projects and take on clients where I feel like it’s impacting the community and creating jobs, ultimately supporting women and minority-owned businesses.”

That’s partly why Price was so quick to jump on at Jolt in Maumelle. The business is a franchise, but the local owners were ecstatic to connect with Price.

“I think spaces like this are so important for local economic development and that’s why I’m a supporter,” said Price. With as little as $100 a month, you can access a nice, professional space with internet access and complimentary coffee. Considering business overhead – that’s great for a small business, and if you’re anything like Price, it cuts down on distraction.

“I’m not a good work-at-home kind of guy. I end up doing laundry and trying to juggle housework and work and it doesn’t work out,” he laughed.

Price wants to see more small locally-tied businesses calling Maumelle home, which is another big reason why he joined.

“I really like this place. It reminds me of the Tech Park and the Innovation Hub,” he said, “A place that supports small business and entrepreneurs.”

Maumelle, in Price’s opinion, has a long way to go in developing its own identity. The addition of Jolt will hopefully help to break the growth of chains and help infuse local, small businesses into the mix.

“We have to work together as a community to make things better,” he said. “Supporting small businesses not only creates jobs – it’s like adding a uniqueness or adding a flavor to your community.”


Hybrid Strategies owner Joshua Ang Price, left, is the first to call Jolt Office Hub home. (Photo provided)

Source: Daily Record

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